QScope Virtual Server: All QScope as a standalone tool for DXpeditions

I am proud to announce the availability of QScope Virtual Server.

QScope Virtual Server (QVS) is an autonomous version of QScope that DXpeditions can use "on-the-go" even if they have no internet access. It completely mimics QScope.org offering a local webserver and database. All the features, statistics and charts are provided for the private usage of the DXpedition team during the time of the project.

QVS enables expeditions teams to:

  • Improved their operating skills knowing quickly their strengths and weaknesses
  • Report accurately to their sponsors in order to maximize the chance of future donations
  • Give feedback to the DXers community to show them their dedication to the expedition

QVS can be installed on any modern laptop with a moderately powerful configuration (dual core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 10GB of storage) and runs on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. QVS runs as an Oracle VirtualBox appliance (guest system) which is easy to install, backup and move to a more powerful computer when the DXpedition is back home.

QVS is available free of charge for any serious and organized DXpedition who aims to improve its operating and reporting.

Please contact me via e-mail or through QScope Yahoo Groups or Facebook page for more details and to obtain a copy of QVS.